Mountain routes

Above the valley is Malyovitsa peak and the village is one of the starting points for reaching it. From Govedartsi there are routes to Vada hut (2 hours on foot), Mechit hut (1 hour), Lovna hut (3 hours), Malyovitsa hut and mountain school (on the way to the hut and through the Ovnarsko locality). Through Vada hut you can reach the Seven Rila Lakes, the hut of the same name, from Mechit hut you can reach Kobilino Branishte shelter and from Malyovitsa complex you can reach the Strashno lake circus, where there is a shelter, and the other route is through Ovnarsko locality.


Alpine lakes

The village is a starting point for the Seven Lakes, Chanatsite, Urdini lakes, Malyovishki lakes, Elenini lakes, the Strashno lake circus, Lopushki lakes and the Suho lake. A total of about twenty-five alpine lakes, some of which are rich in local trout.


Historical landmarks

IIn the ​​Nadaritsa locality there are remains of an ancient settlement dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. In the localities of Tapankovitsa, Mechkaritsa and Izvoro there are preserved historical monuments – churches, a monastery and chapels.